We aspire to be the topmost option for trustworthy and top-notch fuel supply solutions in Namibia. By upholding our commitment to local ownership and hands-on operations, we aim to set the bar for excellence in service and customer satisfaction.


1. Our business operates with the utmost integrity, upholding the highest ethical standards. We ensure transparency and honesty in all our transactions and interactions. 2. Our commitment lies in being a reliable and trustworthy partner for our customers. We consistently deliver on our promises and provide them with dependable fuel supply solutions of the highest quality. 3. At the core of our approach is a customer-centric mindset. We prioritize understanding and fulfilling the unique needs of our clients, offering personalized service and tailored solutions that cater to their specific requirements. 4. Our Namibian ownership and heritage fill us with immense pride. We actively contribute to the growth and development of our local community and economy, embracing our role as a responsible corporate citizen. 5. Striving for excellence is ingrained in everything we do. We continuously seek opportunities for improvement and innovation, aiming to enhance the value we bring to our customers and stakeholders.


Guided by integrity, honesty, and a positive outlook, we instill confidence and reliability in our connections with clients, building solid partnerships as we navigate the dynamic fuel industry landscape together. Our Namibian heritage is ingrained in all aspects of our work, as we proactively contribute to the advancement and growth of our local community and economy..


Our primary objective is to deliver customized fuel supply solutions that cater to the unique requirements of our valued customers. We are committed to ensuring uninterrupted access to fuel and maintaining consistent quality at all times. By upholding principles of integrity, honesty, and a positive approach, we aim to instill trust and confidence in our clients. Together, we forge strong partnerships as we navigate the ever-evolving fuel industry landscape.

What We Believe

The essence of REPCON PTY LTD. is embodied in the virtues of integrity, honesty, and a positive attitude that we infuse into every interaction with our valued clientele, inspiring trust and confidence in our relationships as we navigate the intricate realm of the fuel industry.



Why Choose Us?

Select Repcon Pty Ltd Africa for individualized assistance, customized answers, and a promise to consistency that establishes the norm for quality in fuel distribution.

Delivering ultra-low sulfur 10ppm diesel
Delivering diesel with a sulfur content of 50ppm
Offering high-quality Unleaded Petrol (ULP95)
Specialising in high-quality JET-A1 aviation fuel


Meet Our Leadership Team

Anchored in African pride and driven by unwavering integrity, the management team of REPCON PTY LTD. is a shining example of excellence in the petroleum bulk industry within the SADC region. Their strategic expertise and unwavering commitment propel remarkable growth and innovation, setting the benchmark for industry leadership and molding the future of petroleum distribution.


Stanley Griffiths

Managing Director and Founder

Ally Griffiths

Operations Manager

Rudolf Veldsman

Bulk Sales Manager

Tia Kirchner

Sales and Administrative Manager South Africa

Patrick Boshego

Sales and Marketing Manager South Africa

Tumelo Sealetsa

Sales and Marketing Manager Botswana


Repcon Pty Ltd Africa History

Founded in June 2023, the Regional Petroleum Corporation of Namibia Pty Ltd. recognized the need for a reliable fuel source for smaller consumers in the petroleum industry. Our commitment to quality service and local ownership has solidified our position as a distinguished fuel provider in Namibia.Fuel is the lifeblood that drives our operations, and it remains at the forefront of our efforts. As a trusted and versatile fuel provider, we are dedicated to meeting the varied needs of our customers across Namibia. Our strong presence in the industry is a result of our Namibian ownership and our relentless commitment to delivering exceptional service.

At the heart of our engagements with our esteemed clientele lies the very core of REPCON PTY LTD. This core is defined by our unwavering dedication to integrity, honesty, and a positive outlook that permeates every interaction. We instill trust and confidence in our relationships, nurturing a sense of partnership and collaboration as we navigate the intricate landscape of the fuel industry together. Our commitment to upholding these values remains resolute, serving as a beacon that illuminates our path forward as we persistently pursue excellence in all endeavors.